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Effects of Lida Daidaihua

Name: Andrew

Age: 26

Weight befor: 280 lbs.

He has odered Lida DaiDaihua 2 mounths ago, and now his weight 209 lbs. How you like result? 71 lbs in 2 month?

Name: Anna

Age: 31

Weight before: 174 lbs

1.5 month ago Anna were thinking what LiDa DaiDaihua just one more fake, but she try it. Look at that! 1.5 mont and now her weight 125lbs.

Name: Daniel

Age: 28

Weight before: 213 lbs

After 3 month of using LiDa DaiDaihua: 158 lbs

Name: Gary

Age: 46

Weight befor: 211 lbs

After 2 month of using Lida DaDaihua:167 lbs.

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