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Diets for you health (click on name of diet to see it)

South Beach Diet (added: 11/17/2007)

Is the South Beach Diet another low carb diet? Not really, the weight loss secret of the plan is to substitute good carbs in place of bad carbs and to substitute good fats in place of bad fats.

The southbeachdiet weightloss program doesn't make you count calories or weigh portions or add up points. The weight loss diet promises you won't feel hungry all the time. You won't skip meals.

In fact the southbeachdiet includes three regular size meals and two snacks per day. South Beach Diet recipes are flexible and include all kinds of the foods you actually like to eat.

Does the Southbeach diet sound too good to be true? Is the southbeachdiet a fad diet or a healthy diet? Actually we feel that it's a sensible weight loss diet and one that many people will find it easy to follow.

This diet and nutrition plan includes meat, but it is lean meat, not fatty meat. The diet plan is not a low carb diet, yet it does replace some bad carbs with good carbs.

The best-selling South Beach Diet book was written by Dr. Arthur Agatston who is an associate professor of medicine at the University of Miami Medical School. It is important to point out that the doctor advises everyone on his healthy diet to take a complete multi-vitamin and mineral supplement every day.

In addition to taking a vitamin-mineral supplement every day, he recommends a daily calcium supplement. He advises all men to take 500mg of calcium a day. For women he recommends 500mg for women under the age of 50, and 1000 mg for women over 50. If you want the SouthBeachDiet to really work for you, don't cheat. Take your vitamin-mineral supplements every day as the doctor who invented the diet recommends. If you don't take the vitamins, don't expect the results you hear about from others who do take the vitamins. It's pretty simple, really.

The first two weeks of the South Beach Diet plan are strict as far as what you can eat. It is an introduction phase. Many people who try the diet say the two weeks go by quickly.

The diet book promises that you can lose from 8 to 13 pounds in these two weeks, most off your midsection. Once that first phase is completed you get to add many of your favorite foods back to your South Beach Diet recipe plan.

Some of the foods that the South Beach Diet plan tries to avoid are those made of high glycemic index carbohydrates. These include white bread, cakes, cookies, pasta, bagels, white rice, potatoes, corn, canned fruit in syrup, rice cakes, etc. (No one has complained that they miss eating those dry rice cakes.)

What is the glycemic index (GI)? It is a ranking of carbohydrate foods based upon how they effect your blood sugar. Some carbs raise your blood sugar levels more than others.

Low glycemic index foods include whole grain breads, high-fiber cereals, bran muffins, oranges, apples, berries, peaches, grapes, milk, yogurt, pinto beans, even a little chocolate.

This will be a relief to those who have trouble staying on a strict low carb diet.

On the Southbeach diet you eat six times a day: breakfast, midmorning snack, lunch, midafternoon snack, dinner and dessert. In the regular phase of the diet plan (after the two week induction) you enjoy a variety of meats, fish, cheeses, vegetables, fruits, nuts, healthy fats and beverages. You even get to have wine and chocolate in moderation on this healthy diet.

Later in the diet plan you may try eating pasta or white rice once a week and see how you feel. Different people have different bodies. If you stop losing weight and start having cravings, drop those refined carbohydrates and go back to your previous diet plan.

What you do not get to eat much of anytime soon on the Southbeachdiet includes sugary soft drinks, white breads, cakes, donuts, beer, and similar super-carbohydrates. That is the reality if you want to experience consistent weight loss and eat a healthy diet.

After being on this South Beach Diet plan a while you may notice that it is not anything revolutionary. You are eating sensible foods in sensible amounts. You may wonder how you got onto the cycle of eating junk food.

Maybe in the past you had a large scone and mocha latte for breakfast - and a fatty cheeseburger, giant sized portion of French fries and immense soda at lunch. Now instead, you have scrambled eggs and Canadian bacon for breakfast - and a roast beef wrap with a diet soda or water for lunch.

The key to success with any weight loss secret is to find what works for you. Only you can be the judge because your body and tastes are not the same as everyone else.

The southbeachdiet may be just the right weight loss diet for you. The only way to know is to read more about it and maybe give it a try. We don't sell the South Beach Diet book. We have simply reviewed the diet here for your information.

Best wishes for success with your personal diet and nutrition goals.

The Weightwatchers Diet Reviewed (added: 11/18/2007)

This will be good news to anyone who has had a challenge trying to follow a strict low carb diet.

On their plan you simply keep track of and add up "points" for every meal you eat. You don't skip meals or go hungry.

You have flexibility and can substitute various foods for your point quota. If you eat too much of one food item you can cut back on another food item. You want to eat balanced meals but if you have an extra potato you can simply skip your dessert and still manage to stay on your points schedule.

The Weightwatchers Diet plan is more than a diet book. This weight loss program comes complete with a support system of buddies who attend meetings together to keep each other motivated.

Is Weightwatchers a healthy diet? Yes, it is not a fad diet in any way. It has been around for over 40 years. It offers a sensible weight loss diet complete with a support group who attend meetings and help each other stay on course.

Over the years, members have created all kinds of amazingly tasty yet low calorie "recipe renovations" that you can try. Whether you crave crispy, cheesy, crunchy or chocolaty goodies, they have an approved recipe for you.

Popular renovated recipes include onion rings, orange Chinese chicken, apple fritters, chimichangas, au gratin potatoes, warm pear cobbler, upside down cake, even pasta Alfredo and many other favorite "comfort foods."

The Weightwatcher frozen meals are also very convenient for busy people on the go. They are available at most grocery stores.

Some restaurants offer menu items that are tailored to the diet. Applebee's for example has ten different dishes with low Weightwatcher "points." There are even desserts, such as cheesecake.

If you join this program, don't worry if you have questions about their weight loss diet plan because there will be plenty of members at the next meeting to help answer your questions for you.

The right weight loss secret for you may be one like Weightwatchers that includes a friendly support group of people who all help each other reach their goals. Only you know what you might need in your own personal healthy diet and nutrition plan.

And remember, as with every diet, it is always best to take a complete multi-vitamin and mineral supplement every day to help prevent possible cravings for a missing "something" in your diet.

Some food cravings may be your body trying to get needed nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are missing from today's processed foods. Our foods today have less nutrition than they used to.

It has been said that it would take five of today's oranges to get the same amount of nutrition that was in one orange when your grandmother was a child. So be sure to take those daily multi-vitamins with minerals.

The women's multi-vitamin supplement that we recommend for dieters is Total Balance. There is a formula for women that has special herbs and nutrients that are combined to support women's health and diet. They even have a free diet plan that some say is the best on the internet.

Why are women gain weight easier than men (added: 11/24/2007)

An overweight person has two enemies in the body: fat and water. One important thing is to get rid of those two enemies and the other is to keep them out of the body. Can and how can this be done? The Chinese believe one thing can do the job and it is called fire. Fire is very important concept of Chinese medicine. What is fire? It is central element in the body that functions like fire in cooking. How can fire get rid of fat? By burning it. How can fire get rid of water? By boiling it. In cooking, fire can burn oil and bring water to a boil so that eventually the water will evaporate. This is a common phenomenon occurring in the human body as well. It is really nonsensical for the Chinese people to believe that there is fire in the body that keeps burning excessive fat and steaming excessive water out of the body. Is there any facts to prove this is the case? Did you ever raise chickens? It is a fact, that you can fed chickens with lots of food, they can grow big and fat. On the other hand, a rooster will remain skinny and light as it grows. There is a way to make rooster grow fat, however, by removing its testis. The rooster will then gain weight in a short time. This is common knowledge and a common practice shared by all Chinese people. The crucial fact is that a castrated rooster is about twice as heavy as a rooster not castrated and the extra weight is out on soon after castration. Each rooster has one testis, but the presence of this testis on a rooster is crucial in weight control. We all know that in humans and in animals testes are responsible for sexual functions. Men can not perform sex without testis. But how do the testes contribute to weight loss? In a man the testes heat the body as a heater heats the room. The Chinese physician calls this action the burning fire of the kidneys. The testes, therefore, are the burning fire of the kidneys. Chinese physician differenciate between internal (the tow kidneys inside the body) and external kidneys (the two kidneys outside the body). Since women lack testes and their ovaries do not burn as violently as men's testes, small wonder there are more overweight woman than men and that is far easier for women to put on weight than men. Everything may be classified into yin and yang, including the kidneys. There is kidney yin and kidney yang; kidney yin refers to water in the kidney, while kidney yang refers to fire in the kidney. The concept of fire is a very important one in Chinese medicine as mentioned earlier, but what is meant by "kidney fire"? It refers to the kidney's capacity to become energetic, active both in lifestyle and sexual performances. Therefore, in Chinese medicine, when a man becomes sexually impotent, it is attributed to "insufficient kidney fire"; when a man is sexually overactive, it is attributed to "excessive kidney fire". When a man has a higher lever of the burning fire of kidneys, he remains skinny and has a string sexual capacity. To be slim is to be sexy. Fat fellow will not have a strong sexual capacity and a fellow with a strong sexual capacity will not be fat; nature does not mix sex with obesity. The burning fire of kidneys will keep burning fat and steaming water of the body, keeping body free of obesity. To remain slim and in good shape means you should increase the burning fire of the kidneys.

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